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​Last Updated: 21 June 2023


This Privacy Policy outlines the data protection principles and procedures followed by IMMERSIVE IRELAND ("the Organisation") in relation to the processing of personal data. This Policy applies to all personal data processed by Immersive Ireland, including customer data, third-party data, and employee data. Immersive Ireland is committed to complying with the Privacy and Data Protection laws, guidelines, and best practices of the Republic of Ireland and the European Union, specifically in relation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

1. Obtain and Process Information Fairly

Immersive Ireland is dedicated to obtaining and processing personal data in a fair and transparent manner. Personal data will only be collected for specified and lawful purposes, and individuals will be informed about the purpose and lawful basis for processing their personal data. Immersive Ireland will ensure that individuals are aware of their rights in relation to their personal data and will provide them with appropriate privacy notices.

2. Keep it Only for Specified, Explicit, and Lawful Purposes

Immersive Ireland will only keep personal data for the purposes for which it was collected. Personal data will not be further processed in a manner incompatible with these purposes. Before processing personal data for any new purpose, Immersive Ireland will assess the compatibility of the new purpose with the original purpose and provide individuals with the necessary information.

3. Use and Disclose it Only in Ways Compatible with These Purposes

Personal data will be used and disclosed by Immersive Ireland only in a manner that is compatible with the purposes for which it was collected. The Organization will ensure that personal data is not used or disclosed in a way that is contrary to individuals' reasonable expectations or would cause them harm. Immersive Ireland will only share personal data with third parties when it is necessary to fulfil the specified purposes, and appropriate safeguards will be implemented to protect the data.

4. Keep it Safe and Secure


Immersive Ireland is committed to maintaining the security and confidentiality of personal data. Appropriate technical and organizational measures will be implemented to protect personal data against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration, or destruction. Immersive Ireland will regularly assess and review its security measures to ensure they remain effective and up-to-date.

5. Keep it Accurate, Complete, and Up-to-Date

Immersive Ireland will take reasonable steps to ensure that personal data is accurate, complete, and kept up-to-date. Individuals have the right to request the rectification or erasure of inaccurate or incomplete data concerning them. Immersive Ireland will promptly respond to such requests and take appropriate actions to rectify any inaccuracies or incompleteness identified.

6. Ensure that it is Adequate, Relevant, and Not Excessive

Immersive Ireland will only collect and process personal data that is necessary and relevant for the purposes for which it is being processed. Personal data will not be retained or used in a manner that is excessive or unnecessary. Immersive Ireland will regularly review its data processing activities to ensure that personal data is adequately limited to what is required.

7. Retain it for No Longer than is Necessary for the Purpose or Purposes

Personal data will be retained by Immersive Ireland for no longer than is necessary to fulfil the purpose or purposes for which it was collected. The retention periods will be determined based on legal requirements, contractual obligations, and the legitimate interests of Immersive Ireland. Once the retention period has expired, personal data will be securely deleted or anonymized.

8. Give a Copy ofPersonal Data to the Individual, on Request

Upon request, Immersive Ireland will provide individuals with a copy of their personal data in a structured, commonly used, and machine-readable format. Individuals have the right to access their personal data and, where appropriate, to have it rectified, erased, or restricted. Requests for personal data should be made in writing, and Immersive Ireland will respond to such requests in a timely manner.


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