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PURPLE XR invited people working in the creative sector in Cork to apply for our free in-person immersive labs which took place in August, 2023. 



Sat 12th & Sun 13th August

@ Nano Nagle Place, Cork

10am - 5pm


 Who's it for 


The commercial creative sector across digital visual communications, graphic design, illustration, animation, multimedia, AV content creation or gaming. We also welcome those curious about careers in XR. 

 Workshop Facilitators 

Algorithm is a creative production studio based in Dublin, Ireland.

They blends creativity and cutting-edge technology to create stunning visual experiences. An award-winning team of young artists, engineers and producers, Algorithm’s Dublin studio is brimming with the vision and expertise to bring the most ambitious ideas to life. Since coming together in 2015, the company has built on its early success delivering immersive visuals for international art and music festivals to become Ireland’s go-to studio for turning the wildest dreams into reality. The entire studio is built around one central motivation – creating beautiful and memorable experiences that bring people together.


Course Overview:

This interactive course delves into the fundamentals and intricacies of spatial design for Virtual Reality (VR), and Augmented Reality (AR) and immersive experiences. Tailored for professionals eager to advance their expertise in the swiftly progressing domain of immersive technology, this course is designed to provide hands-on experience and an in-depth grasp of the vital elements of designing immersive environments.


Relying on the instructor's substantial decade-long experience working with immersive technology, designing and managing projects for globally acclaimed brands and a multitude of Irish cultural and heritage entities, participants can expect a rich, collaborative educational journey. The course's approach ensures a high degree of applicability, enabling learners to engage in hands-on mini-projects that encompass various facets of spatial design.

Course Modules:

Designing in Three Dimensions:
Participants will probe the principles and practicalities of designing in three-dimensional space, covering the basics of modelling, rendering, and creating engaging, interactive environments.


Pacing of an Immersive Experience:
This module will scrutinise how to effectively govern the rhythm and progression of immersive experiences, ensuring optimal user engagement and immersion.


Use of Sound, Lighting, Colour, and Haptics:
Grasp how to harness these crucial elements to intensify the sensory depth of immersive experiences. Participants will learn how to synchronise them to create immersive and emotionally resonant environments.


Gain insight into character development within the context of VR and AR, covering aspects like creation, animation, interaction design, and the role of characters in augmenting the overall immersive experience.


Real-time versus Linear:
Examine the distinction between real-time and linear narratives, understanding when and how to utilise each type for maximum impact in immersive installations.


Narrative in Immersive Experience:

This module will dissect the difference between narrative-driven and sensory, visceral experiences, offering insights into their application in the design of immersive experiences.


Prototyping and User Testing:

Understand the importance of prototyping and iterative design in the creation of immersive experiences. This module will include practical sessions on user testing methodologies and their role in refining the final product.


Technological Considerations and Limitations:

Explore the current technological landscape and how it impacts design decisions. This module will also cover future trends and how to design experiences with emerging technologies in mind.


Ethical Aspects of Immersive Design:

This module will delve into the ethical considerations inherent in creating VR and AR experiences, including discussions on accessibility, data privacy, and the social implications of immersive technologies.


Upon course completion, participants will be equipped with the new skills to help them better understand and construct influential, immersive installations. They will have gained valuable hands-on experience and a comprehensive understanding of spatial design in VR and AR, thus equipping them to create their own captivating and compelling immersive experiences.

Application deadline: Friday 4th August

Lab Complete
Applications Closed



Lab Complete

Sat 19th & Sun 20th August

@ Nano Nagle Place, Cork

10am - 5pm

 Who's it for 


The commercial creative sector across digital visual communications, graphic design, illustration, animation, multimedia, AV content creation or gaming. We also welcome those curious about careers in XR. 

 Workshop Facilitators 


Imvizar are revolutionising storytelling and engagement at attractions, towns and cities using next generation immersive experiences. It their mission to utilise augmented reality to tell stories in a truly immersive and engaging way.

Imvizar are a diverse team of designers, developers and technologists with a passion for storytelling. They push the boundaries of what is possible and put the user’s experience at the centre of our interaction design process. To make an experience memorable, it must evoke emotion. For them, this starts with meaningful content and focuses on enhancing the physical location around the user.

Imvizar was established to provide innovative attractions and early adopters with a simple and cost effective way of enhancing the visitor experience. Our collaborative approach through long-term relationships ensures our partner attractions stand out from the rest. 

Workshop Overview:


This two-day workshop will enable participants to fully immerse themselves in AR content creation and understand its vast potential across industries. They will acquire practical skills in using essential tools and generative AI to craft captivating AR assets. Through group discussions and inspiration from successful examples, participants will refine their AR ideas. The workshop will provide valuable insights into commercialising AR content and targeting specific audiences for maximum impact. Participants will leave with best practices for creating compelling and commercially successful AR experiences, along with access to valuable resources and tools for continued learning on their AR journey. 


Topics covered: 


Introduction to AR Content Creation and its Potential:

Dive into the world of AR content creation and explore its potential across diverse industries. Understand the impact and applications of AR experiences on user engagement and business growth.

Crafting Captivating AR Assets with Essential Tools and AI:

Harness the power of essential tools and user-friendly software to create captivating AR assets. Learn how generative AI tools can elevate your content creation process to new heights.


Refining Ideas through Inspiration and Group Discussions:

Find inspiration in successful AR content examples and engage in group discussions to refine your AR ideas. Learn from peer feedback and expert insights to enhance your creations.


Strategies for Commercialisation and Audience Targeting:

Explore effective strategies to commercialize your AR content and reach specific target audiences. Discover how to leverage AR's commercial potential and identify lucrative markets.

Application deadline: Friday 11th August

Applications Closed
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